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The Meadows, Richmond, Nelson

Land Development

The Meadows development is a 700 lot residential subdivision located at McShane Road, Richmond. The land is being developed as a residential subdivision through a Tasman District Council (TDC) approved, Special Housing Area (SHA), covered by the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas (Tasman) Order 2017.

Davis Ogilvie have been engaged to undertake the master planning, survey work, civil, hydraulic and geotechnical design. Davis Ogilvie have undertaken the master planning in collaboration with Canopy, and Landmark Lile Planning. DO have worked with TDC, Iota and Stantec to design a comprehensive low pressure sewer network for the development.

A number of Lots now have titles issued and works are continuing on further stages. The bridge over Borck Stream will be completed in 2021 which will link Lower Queen Street to McShane Road.

More information about the Meadows development can be found on their website: