New Zealand map Davis Ogilvie – Engineering, Surveying and Planning

University of Canterbury


In response to the earthquakes that hit Christchurch beginning in 2010, DO was instructed to geotechnically investigate a number of university campus buildings including the 11–storey main library. We reported the consistency of the underlying sub-soils and groundwater; and made recommendations in consideration of current and future land performance. Site investigation was designed, formulated and managed by DO. We investigated to 3.0 metres below ground level using Dynamic Cone Penetrometers and Hand Augers. A deep investigation of the underlying strata was accomplished by utilising Cone Penetration testing (CPT) and Sonic Core drilling.

Once the invasive investigation was completed, the data was interpreted and recommendations were made with regards to the safety of the existing buildings on campus and the predicted liquefaction and lateral spreading associated with peak ground accelerations outlined in NZS 1170.5 to withstand a 7.5 magnitude earthquake.