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Tussock Bend Subdivision

Land Development

Davis Ogilvie is proud to be the lead consultant of the Tussock Bend subdivision in picturesque Twizel. It is a highly desirable subdivision with 159 residential lifestyle lots that will be completed in 8 stages. DO’s involvement in the project has comprised a wide range of services, including topographical and cadastral surveying, subdivision design, engineering design and contract administration. We have also been responsible for obtaining resource consents for subdivision and stormwater discharge and will be providing construction monitoring throughout the project.

This project has required innovative thinking and carefully considered design to ensure a wide choice of living options for residents. Landscaping has also been well-thought-out to enhance the overall amenity of this new urban environment. The use of the drone has assisted with construction monitoring. We have worked hard to build successful relationships with Council, contractors and our client through open lines of communication.