New Zealand map Davis Ogilvie – Engineering, Surveying and Planning

Northern Arterial Road


The Northern Arterial Road (NAR) provides a new link through western Kaiapoi to Rangiora. This project encompassed a 2 km stretch of road with 7 intersections, 2 bridges and 2 super elevated corners. The NAR forms a vital east – west link between Kaiapoi and Rangiora, and to and from State Highway 1. Its construction was required as part of the Outline Development Plan for the area, prior to any development within the West Kaiapoi area.

Davis Ogilvie were engaged to provide a range of surveying, planning, and engineering services for a new road layout required to bypass the 1200 plus lot Silverstream subdivision and the associated New Arterial Road (NAR). The process included completing the survey to stop a portion of Giles Road that was incorporated within the Silverstream development.  As some of the internal roads crossed the underlying Giles road, this specific area was not stopped and left as an abuttal.  The other portion of road to be closed was an unformed portion that lead to a crossing of the Kaiapoi River.  

The new NAR roading corridor was legalised under the Resource Management Act by subdivision, with the existing roads closed under the Public Works Act with an associated Survey Office plan.  Throughout the process DO liaised with the WDC property management team and the Property Group Ltd who were carrying out the formal process of closing the road under the Public works Act.

DO provided a design which ensured that all relevant guidelines, Waimakariri District Council Codes of Practice and District Planning requirements were met. The NAR project ensured that existing safety and bridge loading deficiencies could be addressed, and provide an improved, safer road network.