Silverstream Commercial

Davis Ogilvie have provided structural design of three units for commercial use incorporating retail, office and gymnasium spaces. The Structural team at Davis Ogilvie undertook the design of the three structures with each building having unique challenges due to their varying layouts, loadings and construction restrictions.

Initial design considerations included poor ground conditions, service pipe positioning affecting foundation configuration, restricted crane access to site and increased dynamic loading on first floor structure due to proposed gymnasium in one building.

The structures are a combination of structural steel frames and precast concrete panels, designed to provide clear floor space within each unit, without internal columns. The first floor consists of structural cellular beams supporting precast concrete hollowcore units with a structural topping, which provide both sound and fire protection. The front elevations are predominantly glazed supported on structural steel framing.

The first of three proposed buildings has been completed. This particular building is the largest of the three, providing more than 2900 square metres of floor space. The building has been subdivided into 15 individual units suitable for office or retail use, which will provide employment and amenities for residents of Silverstream.

The DO team is continuing to work with the contractors and clients to guide the project to conclusion.