Hilton Haulage

Drone survey of Hilton Haulage Port Hills Depot

This is a large site bordered by a state highway and arterial roads subject to frequent heavy vehicle movements.

To minimise the health & safety risks of surveying on these busy roads a drone was used to perform a photogrammetry survey of a site.

The drone required large white crosses to be painted onto the ground as survey control for the photos. These were installed in safe areas throughout the site and coordinated with GPS.
The drone captured 664 photos of the site during 2 flights which were then processed into a 27 million point “dense cloud”. From the dense cloud we were able to extract a digital terrain model of the site with a contourable surface for designing.

The process also delivered an othomosaic photo of the entire site using all 664 photos stitched together. Unlike a regular photo an orthomosaic has the same lack of distortion as a map and can be used to measure distances accurately.

A video of this work can be found here: https://streamable.com/5dlu