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Runanga Sewer Project


The Runanga & Dunollie Sewer Project is a complex job Davis Ogilvie have been working on for the Grey District Council. Our first task was to complete a review of the current condition of the sewer infrastructure throughout the towns of Runanga and Dunollie. Following extensive topographical surveys of the roads and inspections of the manhole for invert levels, a full AutoCAD Civil 3D model was made of the sewer network. Combined with CCTV footage of the larger mains, this provided the data for a review of the sewer network.

Once the current condition was determined, DO made recommendations on where maintenance, rehabilitation, replacement, and / or upgrades were necessary. Davis Ogilvie has since completed the engineering design for the replacement of a large section of damaged and aged sewer main and the design of a new sewer pump station.

This job involved extensive assessment of the current condition of the network and evaluation of the issues found in terms of severity, scale, and the impact those issues have on the overall performance of the sewer network. GDC was very happy with the work carried out and Davis Ogilvie continues to be consulted on the on-going Runanga and Dunollie sewer network maintenance and upgrade work.