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Tim Liley

Tim Liley

Survey Team Leader
New Zealand Technicians Certificate Survey (NZTCS) 1991

Davis Ogilvie & Partners Ltd
PO Box 589, Christchurch 8140
Phone : 029 772 0364
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Tim has been with Davis Ogilvie for more than 40 years, having joined in 1980 as a surveyor’s assistant. Tim is a qualified Survey Technician. For the last 20 years, Tim has been our surveying team leader, working closely with the licensed surveyors and project leaders. Tim specialises in all aspects of survey land development and job administration.

His forte is managing housing companies’ work, and he provides outstanding service to all of Davis Ogilvie’s clients by communicating well and ensuring work is delivered within timeframes and budgets.

Interests outside of work

Tim’s interests involve working, gardening, running and travel.

Significant projects

University of Canterbury
Mount Hutt Skifield
Mt Hutt
Christchurch Gondola