How we can help

Developing Rural Land?

Davis Ogilvie can assist with bringing your rural land development project to life.

Our team is highly experienced in working with rural and lifestyle developments, offering expertise in the following areas:

• Survey for rural and lifestyle subdivisions
• Easements and boundary adjustments
• Topographical and drone surveys
• Resource management and ECAN consents
• Building foundation and structural design
• Design and advise for domestic and stock water systems including earth dams
• Irrigation consenting, designs and advice
• Contaminated land investigations and advice

How we can help

Thinking about Subdividing?

Davis Ogilvie have considerable experience in undertaking residential and commercial subdivisions.

From a 2 lot rural subdivision, to a 1500 lot high density residential development Davis Ogilvie have south island wide experience in delivering successful land development projects.

DO have a highly experienced team of land surveyors, engineers and planners to assist with your subdivision.

DO can help you with the following subdivision related services:

  • Civil engineering and the design of roading and infrastructure
  • Investigation and design of onsite wastewater and stormwater treatment systems
  • Earthworks design, supervision and testing
  • Coordinating power, telecommunication and landscaping services
  • Construction management, contract preparation and development management
  • Geotechnical site investigation for residential and commercial developments
  • Urban and rural subdivisions
  • Environmental science and contaminated land investigation
  • Resource consent applications – subdivisions, land use and plan changes

How we can help

Are You Building or Renovating?

Davis Ogilvie can assist you to get the fundamentals right, ensuring that you will add value to your project.

We have a highly experienced survey team who can ensure you know exactly where your boundaries are. We can provide a topographical survey for your architect, and set out your building to ensure it’s in the right place when it comes time to build.

We can assist with geotechnical investigations to ensure all hazards are correctly identified, and we have a team of structural engineers so you get the foundations, retaining walls, beams and bracing right.

Do you need to manage wastewater or stormwater onsite?
We have environmental and civil engineers who can help design the right system.

Want to build close to the boundary or through a recession plane?
We have experienced local planners who can help manage local and regional council consenting processes.

How we can help

Do You Own Commercial Property?

Is your building earthquake prone?
If you’re unsure or if you don’t know about the recent charges to the Building Act (2004), we can help by undertaking a detailed structural assessment (DSA) to ensure you know the strength of your building, and where any critical structural weaknesses are.

Do you want to lease or subdivide your property?
We have a highly experienced survey team who can ensure you know the area to be leased; we can assist with BOMA surveys, unit titles or fee simple subdivision as required.

If your site’s contaminated, don’t worry about that as we have a specialised team who can give practical advice under the direction of our suitably qualified environmental practioner.