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Resource management is an integral part of any planning or development project. It involves consultation and negotiation with a number of stakeholders, at different stages of a project, preparing necessary documentation and presenting evidence at both council and environmental court hearings, where necessary.

Our planning team has extensive experience and covers all aspects associated with resource management planning including large scale land developments, private plan changes and providing site specific planning advice.

Our planning team is extremely versatile and add value to all projects by working closely with our other teams including civil engineering and environmental and surveying. Together we, find balanced solutions that satisfy your diverse range of needs and requirements.

Our planners provide expert advice for development projects:

  • Resource consent applications including subdivision, earthworks, new buildings and activities to district councils
  • Resource consent applications including discharges to land, water and air to regional councils
  • Residential, commercial and industrial development planning
  • Private plan change requests
  • Property development advice including development feasibility and scoping reports
  • Assessment of environmental effects
  • Master planning
  • Submissions to notified resource consent applications, district and regional plans and strategies
  • Preparation and presentation of expert planning evidence at consent hearings
  • General planning advice
  • Consultation with affected parties including local runanga (iwi governing body) and key stakeholders


Planning Consultation

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Due to the variable nature of each planning project we are unable to offer civil engineering services at a fixed price. For a no obligation consultation please complete your details and one of our planning experts will be in touch at your requested time.


What is a resource consent?

A resource consent is a formal approval needed when a building or activity contravenes rules in District Plans or Regional Plans, or where one of these plans states that resource consent is required for a particular activity. Resource consent is also needed for all subdivision of land. Resource consents are sometimes referred to as ‘land use consents’, depending on the type of project.

There are different categories of resource consents, set up in a hierarchy from controlled activities, to non-complying activities. The different types of activities require different types of assessment.

How do I know if I need a resource consent?

Not all activities need resource consent. Some buildings and activities are permitted under the relevant district and regional plans and can be undertaken without resource consent. You will need resource consent if you do not meet a rule in the district or regional plan applying to your land.

These documents are available online, but are often difficult to navigate and even more difficult to find the rules that affect your particular development. Our team has extensive planning experience and can assist you with identifying what aspects of your proposal require resource consent and provide an assessment of the environmental effects associated with them.

How long does it take to get a resource consent?

If your application is non-notified (does not need public input), the Resource Management Act 1991 requires the local authority to issue their decision,if all the necessary information has been provided, within 20 working days. . Often further information requests are made by the local authority during this tim and an application will be put on hold until the requested  information has been provided.

If your application is ‘limited notified’ or ‘fully notified’ the process may take three months or more, particularly if public submissions have been received and a public hearing is required.

Who else is involved?

A resource consent may require the involvement of other specialists such as (but not limited to) a traffic engineer, architect and landscape architect. We have a wide network of related and trusted professional contacts that we can call on and manage on your behalf.  We are here to make the process as stress-free and seamless as possible for you.

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