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Civil Engineering

Civil engineers design, construct, project manage and commission (make ready for use) a wide range of facilities and infrastructure for communities, such as buildings, bridges, roads and pipe networks. These facilities provide people with a reliable, safe, sustainable and modern environment.

Civil engineers enable development by designing earthworks and roads to make sites accessible. We are then needed to design the drainage and levels of a site to ensure stormwater can be safely conveyed away from properties, and risks of flooding are reduced. Civil engineers design and co-ordinate the connection of essential services such as water, power, telecommunications and sewerage systems.

Our civil engineers are renowned problem-solvers and experts in design, contract administration and construction supervision.

Our civil engineers are experienced in providing:

  • Roading, right of way and car park design
  • Sewer reticulation, including gravity and pumped systems
  • Hydraulic modelling of sewer, storm water and high pressure water networks
  • Earthworks design, supervision and testing
  • Stormwater network design including detention basins, treatment systems and pump stations
  • High pressure water reticulation and networks design and supervision
  • Arranging power, telecommunication and landscaping services
  • Contract administration including the preparation of tender documents, specifications and schedules
  • Construction supervision and management

Civil Engineering FAQs

I want to build a holiday house, how do I get water, power and sewer to my site?

We provide support to get your property connected to essential services. Where sites do not have access to networks such as water and sewer, we can assist in identifying your options and then our engineers will work with our planners and surveyors to get the relevant consents for you.  We can then design and oversee construction of civil services to make it all happen.

What is High Pressure Water? 

High Pressure Water is the common term used by engineers for potable or drinking water supplied by a reticulated (piped infrastructure) network.

I want to subdivide my property, can you help?

We sure can. We provide complete support from consenting and surveying, through to engineering design of accessways (roads and right of ways) and ensuring all the essential services are connected to your property.


I’ve been asked to provide an ESC Plan for my earthworks, what is this?

An ESC is an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan and determines the  processes and methods to be used onsite to minimise the potential effects of erosion and sedimentation during construction.  We can assist in providing this plan for you

If you would like to meet with us to explain your needs and hear the different options available to you, with no obligation or initial consultation charges, you can click on the below link to arrange a 30-minute session with one of our experts.



Elliot Duke

Director, Chartered Professional Engineer
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Dan Cusiel

Civil Project Manager
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Paul Jackson

Senior Civil Engineer, Technology Manager
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Tony Lindbom

Director, Licensed Cadastral Surveyor
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Joe Turner

Engineering Manager
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John de Ruyter

Engineering Team Lead, Chartered Professional Engineer
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