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Davis Ogilvie provides a complete range of multi-disciplinary engineering, surveying and planning services within one company. By covering structural, civil and geotechnical engineering, land surveying, resource management and environmental science we are able to simplify construction, design and development using in-house collaboration to create better solutions for our clients.

Our services can be provided as a ‘stand-alone’ service for any project requiring assistance in one of our areas of expertise; or as part of a multidisciplinary project involving planning, surveying and engineering.

Geotechnical Engineering

Our Geotechnical Engineers analyse sites to ensure that all hazards are appropriately identified and managed, ensuring that the client’s objectives are met. Geological conditions are identified and examined, and solutions are written into plans before work begins.

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Structural Engineering

Our Structural Engineers have experience working on a wide range of projects, working together with other professionals on projects ranging from a single beam for house alterations, high-end residential houses, commercial structures and seismic assessment of existing buildings.

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Environmental Science

Our Environmental Team is focused on the investigation and management of contaminated land. Our services can be provided as part of a multidisciplinary project involving planning, surveying and engineering; or as a stand-alone service for any project requiring contaminated land expe…

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Resource management is an integral part of any planning or development project. It involves consultation and negotiation with stakeholders, throughout the project, preparing necessary documentation and presenting evidence at both council and environmental court hearings, where necess…

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Our Surveyors collect and interpret data which informs the way land development projects are planned. We utilise sophisticated computer systems and state of the art industry technologies to deliver fast and accurate outcomes.

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Civil Engineering

Our Civil engineers design, construct, project manage and commission a wide range of facilities and infrastructure for communities, such as buildings, bridges, roads and pipe networks. These facilities provide people with a reliable, safe, sustainable and modern environment.

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