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Waterloo Business Park

Commercial, Land Development

Waterloo Business Park site is a 114-hectare landholding located just 10km from Christchurch Airport. This site has been developed in stages over past several years, and will offer significant opportunities for companies looking for work and office spaces in an innovative and exciting business environment. Waterloo Business Park are seeking to create an industrial and commercial development that people can not only work in, but can also live and play in.

Davis Ogilvie was engaged as the lead development consultant for Stages 2B, 3, 4, 5 & 6, providing the client with planning, surveying, environmental, geotechnical and civil engineering services.

DO’s involvement in this project has included a wide range of services, including Topographical Survey, Cadastral Survey, Subdivision Design, Engineering design, Project Management, Engineering Surveys, client & contractor liaison, Geotechnical engineering, Site contamination investigation and remediation options.

We have also been responsible for obtaining resource consents for subdivision and land use, including earthworks and stormwater discharge, and completing the Legal Surveying to obtain titles, and design of all civil infrastructure for the industrial development. We have also worked closely with the Christchurch City Council to implement rain garden stormwater treatment for the roading network, which is a first for an industrial development in Christchurch.

Davis Ogilvie continues to work closely with the developer, providing a full range of services throughout the construction phase of this project.

Further information about the Waterloo Business Park, can be found on their website.