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Commercial, Infrastructure

Davis Ogilvie are involved with the development of approximately 36 hectares of industrial land within the WIEZ, off Meadows Road in Timaru. The DO team are working with Environment Canterbury, the Timaru District Council and a number of land owners to develop individual sites as well as formulate overall solutions for stormwater management, sewer reticulation and the road network. The aim is to ensure a coordinated approach to development. The WIEZ is a greenfield industrial development with challenging topography and complex environmental considerations.

Services provided for various clients within the WIEZ:

  • The development, design and evaluation of concepts for sewer, stormwater and road infrastructure
  • Road, watermain and site design
  • Construction supervision
  • The development and implementation of a stormwater management solutions
  • Liaising with affected parties, utility providers and working with the clients to ensure that the key milestones of the development are met on time