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Turton Green

Land Development

Turton Green is a residential subdivision in Ashburton comprising 42 residential sections between 800 and 1000 square metres. DO managed the Turton Green subdivision as lead consultant. This included managing input from landscape architects and specialist environmental scientists to complement our internal planning, civil/geotechnical/ structural engineering and surveying teams. In order to maximise the aesthetic finish, DO ran a design competition between two leading landscape architects which resulted in a design that promotes the adjacent Wakanui stream in the subdivision. This strong tie between the residential lots and the stream by way of a recreation reserve focuses on amenity, with stonework finishes on the subdivision approach and enhancement of the stream environment.

The subdivision is accessed from Turton Street and has its own internal roading network characterised by a through road and two local loop roads which provide access to all lots within the subdivision. Regional Council consents were granted, as well as the approval for overall subdivision consent and engineering design. DO overcame design challenges including storm water disposal and the provision of bridge access over the stream including refining the geotechnical categorisation of the existing ground for future foundation purposes. Careful treatment and detention of storm water plans were implemented to complement the existing flood characteristics of the Wakanui stream. Road width and footpath standards adopted enhanced provisions of the proposed district plan.