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Lake Hood

Land Development

Ashburton Aquatic Park Subdivision, comprising Lake Hood and Huntingdon Park residential estate is a one hour drive south of Christchurch. This area provides a wide range of recreational opportunities for locals and visitors. DO were challenged with designing a water-sports venue capable of coping with large numbers of short-term visitors alongside a residential subdivision. The man-made lake was to accommodate rowing, kayaking, sailing, jet skiing and water skiing while providing suitable public access and recreation areas.

DO provided planning, engineering and surveying services for the subdivision, and project and construction management services for the entire project. To deal with wide-ranging environment and planning issues, including a re-zoning plan change, subdivision consent and discharge; consents had to be obtained from Ashburton District Council and Environment Canterbury.

The incorporation of a fresh water canal system into the design meant that residences could have private waterfront access to Lake Hood. It also meant issues of noise, car parking and large numbers of visitors congregating too close to residences were ameliorated. A sewer pump station and rising main were designed to carry sewage to the treatment plant 3.5km away and a state-of-the-art onsite water treatment plant was developed to supply drinking water to the whole development.

As a venue for water sports, Lake Hood is a significant local attraction, hosting national and international rowing competitions; however, most visitors are drawn to Lake Hood for passive recreational activities.