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Holland Park

Land Development

Holland Park is a 27 lot residential subdivision in Burwood, Christchurch.

This 2.5ha site originally comprised ancient sand hills and horticultural land, but has now been developed into a new boutique subdivision.

Davis Ogilvie has provided multi-disciplinary services for the development of this subdivision including;

• Application for resource consents for earthworks and subdivision, and obtaining consent from council.
• Engineered earthworks involving cut to fill to Council specified finished ground levels.
• Civil design and approval of roading and infrastructure.
• Contract tendering and supervision of construction.
• Geotechnical and contaminated land investigation.
• Legal survey for title purposes.

The attached images were taken using drone technology and show an aerial view of the subdivision as at December 2018.

The services and roading are now in place and houses are well underway on most sites. 

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