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East Frame, Christchurch

Land Development

The One Central development (CERA East Frame, Christchurch CBD) is a new residential neighbourhood located at the heart of Christchurch, built around a large park. The East Frame covers around 20 percent of the inner city core and houses more than 2,000 residents. It is enhanced by cafes, restaurants and outdoor entertainment areas.

The development provides a number of housing choices across three distinct precincts (Avon, Latimer, Lichfield), creating a desirable, connected neighbourhood that will enhance the inner city residential character of Christchurch. One Central combines residential and retail, private and shared spaces and ensures easy connection with surrounding commercial precincts and residential neighbourhoods.

Davis Ogilvie were involved with the coordinated design of the wider strategic infrastructure of the East frame to enable the initial super lots to be serviced appropriately for future development. 

Davis Ogilvie completed a concept servicing strategy for the entire East Frame super lots, coordinated with Council, CERA/Otakaro, Orion, Enable, Chrous and their relative contractors to ensure the appropriate servicing works were completed to enable the super lots to be developed in the future with minimal rework of the newly completed Manchester Street upgrade. 

For the development of the superlots DO was involved in various aspects of planning, surveying and civil engineering design on the different design teams for superlots 11, 4, 5, and 7.  DO had weekly meetings with the design team consisting of Fletcher’s project managers, architects, quantity surveyors,  geotechnical, mechanical, structural, civil, acoustic, facade and fire engineers to ensure the design progressed through the conceptual, preliminary, developed and detailed design processes efficiently.  This was a very collaborative approach  between the clients and consultants to ensure a robust design process was undertaken that achieved a high quality, cost effective solution for Fletchers.