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794 Colombo Street, Christchurch


Ko Tane Limited are creating an interactive tourist experience from their site at 794 Colombo Street. The vision of Ko Tane is to “build a world class interactive tourism attraction that is appealing and welcoming to all cultures where land, water, people and culture are at the heart of our experience”. The proposal features waka tours down Te Papa Otakaro (Avon River) to Tautahi Pa and beyond, encapsulating the history of the Otakaro River and people that have come to make the river their home over the past centuries.  

The proposed building will contain a café/restaurant with an outdoor courtyard, art gallery, visitor information and retail area. The proposal further seeks to utilise the adjacent open space for cultural festivals and markets. 

DO have worked with Ko Tane Limited since it’s outset in 2018. The unique nature of the project required an initial scoping report reviewing both District and Regional Council provisions, pre-application meetings with district and regional planners, culminating in the preparation of a complex resource consent application. Due to specific operational requirements, we initiated and facilitated discussions with various arms of the Council around concessions and/or permits to utilise public reserve land as part of the project. DO also assisted with environmental issues attributed to the site, obtaining appropriate land use consents and providing advice to ensure appropriate management of contaminated soils.