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Do You Own Commercial Property?

Is your building earthquake prone?
If you’re unsure, or if you don’t know about the recent charges to the Building Act (2004), we can help. We can carry out a detailed structural assessment (DSA) to ensure you know the strength of your building and where any critical structural weaknesses are.

Do you want to lease or subdivide your property?
Our survey team can help with BOMA surveys, unit titles or fee simple subdivisions – or we can simply ensure you understand the area to be leased.

Do you own contaminated land?
We have qualified environmental specialists who can give you practical advice.



Chris Hopper

Licensed Cadastral Surveyor
029 771 2872

Greg Clark

Technical Director, Structural Engineer
021 255 2287

Matt McLachlan

Principal Planner
021 325 891

Warren Sharp

Senior Environmental Geologist
027 700 7603