Davis Ogilvie are excited to announce our involvement as a Founding Partner of the Diversity Agenda.

The Diversity Agenda is a collaboration between Engineering New Zealand, the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) and the Association of Consulting Engineers (ACENZ). It is a commitment to diversity and inclusion, with an initial focus on women, with the goal of getting 20 percent more women in engineering and architecture by 2021.

The campaign is an industry-wide call to action in engineering and architecture, addressing critical issues like retaining and promoting women to leadership roles, pay equity and changing the working culture for everyone’s benefit. It signifies a commitment for our industries to be more inspiring and accessible to everyone.

The Diversity Agenda works by getting organisations to commit to adopting more inclusive practices.

You can learn more about the Diversity Agenda and how you can influence change here: www.diversityagenda.org