In September 2017, Davis Ogilvie’s Christchurch team moved into a new office building at 24 Moorhouse Ave, Addington. The new office has been custom fitted to suit our requirements, offering an open plan office for over 60 staff, formal and informal meeting spaces, and a staff room overlooking Hagley Park.

The move was an opportunity to incorporate some new features, the main one being a 10Kw Solar Power system. Including the Solar Power system ties in nicely with our carboNZero certification. As a company Davis Ogilvie has been carboNZero certified for the past four years. During this time we have reduced our overall emissions, showing the company’s commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.

We elected to include the Solar Power system in order to reduce our power consumption and our overall carbon footprint. Solar Power within an office environment is ideal, as the office is open during daylight hours, meaning we can make the most of the power being produced as the sun shines. In the six months to date our Solar system has generated over 9,000kWh.

In addition, the new office site has allowed us to include a 1,000L Biofuel tank, containing a 10% biodiesel blend. A large part of our business involves attending site inspections around the South Island, which means fueling our vehicles frequently. Our goal in using biofuel is to assist us in reducing our emissions while still using our vehicles for our day to day business.

Davis Ogilvie has recently achieved carboNZero certification for our fourth consecutive year, showing our ongoing commitment to reduce our impact on the environment.