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What we care about

Engineering, and the construction industry as a whole, impacts every part of society. We design how people live their lives, and with this responsibility comes an obligation. At Davis Ogilvie, we believe we have an obligation to ensure we benefit society – both now and in the future.

We care about the communities we work in, the people we work with and the people who work for us.

We care about our impact on the environment and the impact our choices will have on future generations.


Our commitment to the community

As the first South Island-based engineering, surveying and planning consultancy to achieve CarboNZero certification in 2015, not only are we aware of our emissions and their impact on the global climate, we also work hard to keep them at a minimum.

We have an environmental management plan and an environmental auditing process. These help us understand our environmental impact and develop ways to be more sustainable.

Some of the ways we minimise our emissions include monitoring and managing our vehicle fleet, managing our waste stream and looking at all options to reduce energy consumption. We’ve installed a 20kW solar power system and biofuel tank at our Christchurch office; the biodiesel blend helps reduce our transport emissions. Power and transport emissions account for a large part of our carbon footprint, so minimising these items is key to minimising our overall emissions. We offset our emissions by purchasing local carbon credits.

You can learn more about CarbonNZero here


Davis Ogilvie Solar Panels – assisting in reducing our carbon footprint.

Superhome Movement

Our commitment to the community

Davis Ogilvie is committed to raising New Zealand building standards to make all homes healthier and more energy efficient. We became members of the Superhome Movement in early 2018.

Almost all houses built in New Zealand are built to the minimum building standard, equivalent to a Homestar ‘3’ rating. The minimum standards in other developed countries is about a Homestar ‘6’ rating or above.

The Superhome Movement aims to raise New Zealand’s building standards, through education, supporting good business, and lobbying for change.

DO have been involved in numerous superhomes, including houses that have achieved 6 – 10 star ratings.

You can learn more about the Superhome Movement here

Davis Ogilvie is proud to have been involved in bringing this 9 star Superhome to life.

Diversity, inclusion and equality

Our commitment to the community

Davis Ogilvie is a founding partner of The Diversity Agenda. The Diversity Agenda is a collaboration between Engineering New Zealand, the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) and the Association of Consulting Engineers (ACENZ). It is a commitment to diversity and inclusion, with an initial focus on women, with the goal of getting 20 percent more women into engineering and architecture by 2021.

The campaign is an industry-wide call to action in engineering and architecture, addressing critical issues like retaining and promoting women to leadership roles, pay equity and changing the working culture for everyone’s benefit. It signifies a commitment for our industries to be more inspiring and accessible to everyone.

You can learn more about The Diversity Agenda here.

We care about the communities where we live and work and supporting them is important to us. We do this by giving hands on help, raising awareness and money for causes which make a difference to New Zealander’s lives.


The Cerebral Palsy Society (via Steptember)
TEDx Christchurch
Movember Foundation
Pink Shirt Day

Taylors Mistake Surf Lifesaving Club
Waimairi Tennis Club
Amberley Trotting Club
Villa Maria Rowing
Weedons Golf Club
Waimairi Beach Golf Club

Heart Kids NZ
Going Bananas Show (NN and Chch)
The Kids Foundation
Autism NZ
Fostering Kids NZ (NN and GM)